An Intimate Marriage Celebration At Rattlesnake Lake

November 19, 2021


It really is the craziest way two people can connect—over Instagram (common) while watching a mutual friend’s live video (uncommon). This is how Allie and I met, and I can say with 100% confidence it was no accident. Little did I know, reaching out to Allie after a prompting from Jesus would lead me to not only one of my favorite sessions to date, but also to a really sweet friend I didn’t know I needed.

Like many other couples over the past two years, Allie + Jacob had to say goodbye to dreams of a traditional wedding. Jacob’s tricky military schedule combined with the uncertainty of the pandemic and its restrictions meant the reality of hosting a wedding was impossible. Still, Allie knew the one thing she wanted to come from such heartbreak, if nothing else, was meaningful photos.

We quickly began planning and dreaming of the perfect session for them to commemorate their journey together. Joey and I made plans to travel to Seattle in the beginning of October to photograph Allie and Jacob at Rattlesnake Lake just outside of the city, while Allie and I talked color palettes and fashion options. Soon enough, we were meeting in person on the most perfect day you could ever hope for in Seattle. Sunshine, a cool 65 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. A true gift indeed.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times—we love celebrating with our couples at every stage of their journey. Yet, there’s something so special about our session being the celebration. These two didn’t have the wedding they’d hoped for. There were no photos of their courthouse elopement. And that meant the photos we crafted on that brisk fall afternoon along the shores of the most breathtaking lake were all the more important. They were it. These are their family heirlooms. What an honor.


Xo, Michela


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