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July 12, 2022


As we’ve come to learn over the past two and a half years, the home is so much more than the walls that shape it. A home is where our very lives are shaped. Our deepest relationships form there, countless memories are made, and the weight of the world finds a soft place to land. It’s for this reason I will always be fond of a curated lifestyle in-home session (like this one featuring a sweet mom and her darling girl). Documenting the natural moments of your everyday in the space where you spend so much time is a special kind of experience, one that I truly believe everyone should invest in. Don’t get me wrong—I drool over an organic sunset field aesthetic just as much as the next photographer. Still, there is an authenticity that is unmatched when my clients invite me into the homes they’ve so carefully crafted for their families.

On a sunny Saturday morning, I photographed Justin and Lauren in the magic of their minimal, neutral East Nashville home. Lauren’s eye for modern, refined interior design is one I have much admiration for, and its only complimented by Justin’s talent as a musician and producer. Together, they make quite the pair.

We chose to keep their session very relaxed, remaining true to their daily lives and the spaces they inhabit. A soft, clean wardrobe allowed the focus to remain on the sweet connection Justin and Lauren share. Snuggles in their decadent SoftFrame bed led to light-hearted conversation over coffee at their own kitchen table. From there, we made our way to Justin’s studio, which I’m convinced I could have spent many more hours in. Amidst belly laughs and tender glances, we quickly had a recipe for the kind of honest imagery I’m always seeking to craft during a lifestyle in-home session—the kind that remind us a home is the people that share it.

To me, these images serve as a reminder of the power of a session at home. Nothing is contrived or forced. Instead, authentic, organic moments take center stage. A well planned lifestyle in-home session with clients who have full trust in their photographer is incredibly powerful. And as I think you’ll see below, the results are nothing short of captivating.

Lifestyle in-home session in Nashville. Couple in relaxed clothing snuggling in bed.
Husband and wife cuddle in bed during lifestyle in-home session.
Nashville lifestyle in-home session. Husband reaches to stroke wife's hair in bed.
Husband and wife lay in bed with feet against the headboard. Husband pokes wife's nose.
Wife smiles at husband while laying on bed holding hands. Black and white film during lifestyle in-home session.
Wife laughs in bed during lifestyle in-home session in Nashville.
Motion blurred image of couple moving across their kitchen. Lifestyle in-home session in Nashville.
Couple enjoying cup of coffee in the morning.
Nashville lifestyle in-home session. Husband grabs wife's hand while drinking coffee.
Couple looking toward camera at kitchen table. Wife is standing and husband is sitting.
Lifestyle in-home session in Nashville. Portrait of wife holding cup of coffee in black and white.
Wife reaches up to husband for a kiss against kitchen window.
Couple laughing in the kitchen against a window.
Lifestyle in-home session featuring minimal clothing and design. Couple at table snuggling.
Couple snuggling in Nashville music studio.
Couple relax on floor of Nashville studio with dog. Lifestyle in-home session.
Couple relaxes in Nashville studio during lifestyle in-home session with dog.
Couple laughing together at piano on black and white film.
Husband kisses wife's hand during lifestyle in-home session on black and white film.
Portrait of wife softly smiling on couch while holding husband's hand in black and white.

xx, Michela

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