With the Morning Dew: Organic Newborn Portraits Under a Hazy Vero Beach Sky

January 23, 2023


How do you plan for the perfect foggy morning on the beach—the kind where the horizon is blurred, sunlight otherworldly, and atmosphere just right? Well, unfortunately, you can’t. This time, we were simply blessed beyond measure.

After an early wake-up call, I drove to Vero Beach from West Palm Beach to document Baby L’s organic newborn portraits. Truth be told, I actually missed a few turns because the fog was so dense. Unsure of how soon the fog would dissipate, I made my way down to the beach with Alexandra, David, and their precious newborn son, excited to craft organic newborn portraits together. To my utter delight, the fog remained. It was possibly the most miraculous ocean sight I’d seen in all my years living in Florida. Its presence reminded me of our trips out West, where fog and mist are frequent visitors, and where I photographed on the cliffs of Oregon. We couldn’t quite tell where the ocean ended and sky began. Pelicans skimmed the ocean’s surface in a line, a gentle breeze brought comfort, and the sun shone brightly behind the fog as through a veil.

It felt like peace.

Alexandra’s vision for her family’s session was to capture organic newborn portraits on the same beach where she and David wed and at their home. As a natural living savant, Alexandra truly desired the most stripped back, honest session possible. We decided to honor her love of the holistic by keeping the palette neutral while using texture to provide interest. Originally, we planned on doing the entire session in their stunning garden, creating a homely scene amidst Alexandra’s mossy trees. The decision to include the seaside portion of our session was a last-minute one, and I’m counting myself extra lucky we were able to make it happen.

Baby is held in organic blanket during newborn beach portraits.
Baby lays on organic blanket on the beach with mom and dad sitting next to him.
Mom walking toward dad and newborn on hazy beach morning at the shoreline.
Mom gives baby a tender kiss on the forehead during organic newborn portraits on the beach.
Mom and dad walking on the beach while dad holds his newborn baby. Mom and dad are smiling at the baby on a hazy morning.
Dad holding newborn baby while mom reaches down to give the baby a tender kiss.
Mom and dad kissing on a hazy beach morning while dad is holding newborn baby wrapped in organic blanket.

As the sun continued to rise, we decided it was time to head for shade under Alexandra’s sprawling trees at home. This is where our selected textures really stood out—organic cotton sheets, a Merino wool baby blanket, woven bassinet, and a linen dress provided cohesive visual interest amidst the neutral palette. Baby L’s muslin bloomers by August River Co. served not only as a well-fitting design element, but also as an heirloom for Alexandra and David to cherish for years to come.

Mom dressed in short linen dress lifting baby out of organic woven moses basket during newborn portrait session.
Newborn baby in woven moses basket looking up at the camera with wide eyes.
Mom and dad hold newborn baby in front of organic sheets in their garden.
Mom holds baby's hand in front of organic sheets during newborn portraits.
Black and white organic newborn portrait with mom and dad kissing newborn baby boy.

What an honor this morning was—to document the powerful love of two incredible people and the cherished baby that love produced, all in the place their story began.

xx, Michela

  1. Diane Watson says:

    Just spectacular.

  2. Denise Snarski says:

    Wow! What a beautiful picture journey. Truly amazing

  3. These pictures are truly a testament of the most beautiful love.

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