Motherhood Spotlight: Kasey

July 7, 2020


If you know me, you know I am undeniably drawn to the connection between mother and child. Whether that sweet babe has joined this side of the world yet or not, the bond with its mama is evident. I’d always envisioned a motherhood session filled with simplicity. A simple gown, simple hair, simple makeup, simple setting. Motherhood deserves to be the center, to be uncomplicated even if just for a moment. And so, this editorial centered on motherhood was born.

When I met Kasey, I instantly knew she was created for this. She’s the kind of woman who brings a sense of calm and welcome to everyone in her presence, and I know her little ones will treasure that quality. We met at The Ivy Rose Barn, which served as the perfect summertime backdrop for Kasey’s motherhood portraits. I loved the way her vintage Gossamer gown gently highlighted her belly, while the chin-tie staw hat framed her face and drew attention to her eyes. She was simply a vision.

Kasey was kind enough to share a bit of her perspective on this pregnancy and her newfound motherhood. I hope you are as moved by her answers as I was.


Q: What does the term “motherhood” mean to you?
A: Oh man, that’s a tough one. To me, I see motherhood as a major avenue in my life that God is going to use to fulfill my heart’s endless pursuit to enjoy and glorify God. Motherhood is definitely going to be messy and hard at times, but beautiful and life-giving at others. I couldn’t think of a more amazing way for God to sanctify me and deepen my relationship with him.

Q: Describe the moment you found out you were pregnant. What was your first thought?
A: I found out I was pregnant when I randomly decided to take a cheap pregnancy test that I had just gotten in the mail from Amazon. I had no reason to suspect I was, I honestly just did it on a whim! When I saw the two pink lines I honestly didn’t believe it at first! I waited till the next day to test again just to be certain! I was so excited, but also a bit nervous it wouldn’t last since I was super early. I also was already thinking about how I could tell my husband!

Q: What aspects of pregnancy have surprised you? Emotionally, physically, spiritually?
A: All of the above! I expected the morning sickness, but I didn’t expect it to be all day and totally uncontrollable. I also didn’t expect to lose all of my gumption to be productive (enneagram 3 here!). I was perfectly fine laying on the couch all day long. Thankfully that stage has now passed! Also, it’s weird to experience how quickly your body changes from able to unable. I’m still getting used to that.

As far as emotionally and spiritually, I have never felt less in control in my life, which has brought me closer to God because I am having to rely on his timing and plans for me. Obviously we never really have control, but it becomes so evident starting with trying to get pregnant, to finding out it was twins, to then hoping for a healthy pregnancy. All these aspects have made me realize how little say I had in the whole process. It’s hard sometimes, but a very good growing process.

Q: Share one piece of advice you’ve received from other women that has changed your perspective on motherhood.
A: I’ve had so many moms encourage me that I don’t have to have it all figured out. Mom guilt seems to be a common trend in many mamas today because we think we have to do it all perfectly and know everything before hand. However, as much as I can want to be a perfectionist, I’m trying to keep the perspective that God will provide me with what wisdom I need when it is needed.

Q: If you could preserve one feeling from this season of your life, what would it be and why?
A: The anticipation. It’s such an exciting time, and while I know we will always be excited for any future children we may be blessed with, this is the one time where we are changing completely from no kids, to then kids. We are soaking in the last few months of it just being us two (sleeping in, dates nights, etc.), while also dreaming of the day these two sweet boys arrive. It’s like Christmas Eve, but for nine months!



Venue| Ivy Rose Barn
Makeup | Better Than Bare by Hannah
Hair | Michela Watson
Gown | Gossamer
Hat | ASOS


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