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July 29, 2020


Whew! We made it. I can’t believe launch day is finally here! While 2020 has no doubt been filled with uncertainties, one thing I was sure of at the start of this year was pursuing a new, fresh face for my business. I started my rebranding process with the amazing ladies at With Grace and Gold back in February, eager to break my business down to its core and build it once again with intentionality at every turn. After six months of decision-making, refining, and curating, I’m so thrilled to be able to share not only my new design with you, but also my refreshed vision for this business (and a new name!).

Before we jump into the design, let’s take a trip down memory lane for a minute to where this truly began, shall we?

It’s 2012, and I’ve casually photographed some seniors and a few families at the ripe age of 16. During that year, I photographed my very first wedding when I was hired by my volleyball coach for her day.  And while that day is near and dear to my heart for many reasons, don’t be fooled—I had little to no clue how to photograph a wedding, build a timeline, or use a flash. It’s now been 8 years since then, and last week I photographed that same coach’s daughter’s engagement on film. What a world!

I’ve learned so much since those days of renting Wedding Photographer Kits on LensRentals and flying by the seat of my pants. I’ve learned how to interact with my couples, find the best lighting, handle what I like to call “surprises” on wedding days, and shoot film.

But even more than all of those things that come with being a wedding and lifestyle photographer, I’ve learned how to bring value to each person I come in contact with, and why it’s so important to do so in this industry.

Sadly, I’ve found the world to often be unkind. We’ve had a front-row seat to this knowledge in 2020, and I know it’s not a new revelation. What I do know, though, is that the world doesn’t need more unkindness. It needs loving people who will go out of their way to love others well, to serve them until the need is met.

And so for me, and for Michela Watson Photography, my mission is to bring value to the couples and families I serve by giving everything I’ve got to make sure they leave my presence feeling loved and so worthy of the beauty that is their life. No matter what road they’ve walked before they come in front of my lens, I want them to know I will always be in their corner, rooting for them and their families every step of the way. In every single interaction, my hope is that Michela Watson Photography will be known for creating elegant, meaningful heirloom imagery that highlights the natural beauty in the lives of those it serves, all while showing the love of Jesus to each and every person that steps in front of my lens.

If I’m honest, this has always been the heart behind my business. Still, it wasn’t until Kelly + Andra stepped into the picture that I was able to gain a clear understanding of this mission and work to communicate this to my clients effectively. After years of building logos and websites on my own, I finally feel like I have a brand that invites couples and families into a genuine, timeless experience with Michela Watson Photography.


The Logo

Can we all agree this logo is the epitome of timeless and modern? I knew I wanted my brand to visually be a beautiful marriage between classic design and modern touches, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result Andra designed. The sharp serif font used for my name is the perfect nod to days of old, while also bringing that hint of modernity I DIE over. Swoon! Hint: The roman numerals read “2017”, the year I was officially in business. How cool!

I’m quite lucky I married a man that gave me the name Watson. We all know Ms and Ws can often be combined to create rather cliché logos, but thankfully, you’ll find that’s clearly not the case here! When I saw this secondary logo, I definitely squealed!! I love how simple yet impactful it is. I can’t wait to see this on the front of my custom letterpress business cards soon (thanks Cotton Paperie!).


The Web Design

When Andra initially walked me through my web design, she explained her vision for my site was to give each image a place to feel like an art piece. I am so thankful she highlighted my work in such an intentional way! The website truly brings out the artistry in each image. The initial loading screen may be one of my favorite aspects of the entire web design. I wanted to give viewers an opportunity to pause before jumping right into the site, a moment to understand they are entering an intentional experience.



I’m so thankful you’ve joined me today as I reveal months of hard work to create the new face of my business. Truly, Andra + Kelly poured everything they had into crafting a brand I’m more than confident with! If you are looking to update your site using a template, With Grace and Gold’s shop is filled with gorgeous, easy-to-use Showit templates! You can view and purchase a fresh, new look for your online presence here!


So tell me—what aspect of the new brand is your favorite? I would love to hear your feedback below!


Xo, Michela



**The above With Grace and Gold link is an affiliate link.

  1. Ari Tucker says:

    I love everything about this! Soooooo elegant and simple and so incredibly intentional.

  2. So elegant and timeless! Such a beautiful reflection of the gal behind the lens! We are overjoyed for you and cannot wait to watch you unfold future visions and dreams through your gift of photography!

    • Michela Diddle says:

      Thank you so so much, Michelle! I’m so happy with the result of the rebrand and can’t wait to see what’s in store in the years to come.

  3. Your rebrand is PERFECT!!! I’m so impressed! Ooh and my insta is 💖 ya know for your giveaway

  4. Emily says:

    Everything is so beautiful and timeless!!! I think it represents your brand perfectly.

  5. Marissa McMickens (soon to be Hurm) says:

    This is absolutely beautiful.
    @marissa_mcm is my Instagram handle for the giveaway.
    This is so exciting. Re-brand, giveaway…thank you for all of this.

  6. Emily Zawada says:

    Loving all that you’re doing!! And this rebrand couldn’t fit you and your vision more perfectly ✨ @emzawad

    • Michela Diddle says:

      So much love for you, Em! You’ve been there from the start, and I couldn’t be more thankful!

  7. Meghan says:

    Absolutely in love with your brand. Everything about it is incredibly genuine and personal. @meghanlambertphoto 🤍

  8. Katelyn Laremore says:

    Ok I loveee this style. You really brought your whole brand to life!!! Down to font choices and color schemes, it’s fantastic. Keep killing it!

  9. So so impressed with all your hard work with this launch! It definitely paid off- everything is breathtaking and meticulously beautiful.
    (@abbytokarski on ig for giveaway)

  10. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

  11. I LOVE you’re style!! Everything is so picturesque and all of the colors are gorgeous!

  12. El says:

    Your continuation of fresh inspiration is evident in your creativity. The willingness to share the not only the outcome but also the thoughts that birth it are unique and beautiful to witness. @ekat_15

  13. Isaiah says:

    Your whole vibe is dope, love the way your website looks! And you take pretty amazing photos. My IG is @zaywiththefade for the giveaway.

  14. Emily Carreño says:

    This is so elegant! I love your light and airy color scheme in your photos, and your website! Congratulations on the rebranding!
    Also, my insta handle is @epearlcarr, for the giveaway.

  15. Hannah Haywood says:

    So timeless and really is a beautiful and effortless representation of your work. I am obsessed with the M W combo. It is tooooo good.

  16. Tatum Waggoner says:

    Wow, you have such an amazing talent! I LOVED looking through all of your photos (the photos of Mackenzie and Paul were stunning!) My husband and I got married a year ago and didn’t have the best experience with our photographer… I wish we had you! Your passion and dedication really shine through your photos and website! I’m in awe!
    With love, Tatum Insta: @tswaggoner

    • Michela Diddle says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that! You’re the sweetest to say that. Welcome to my little corner of the web! Glad you’re here 🙂

  17. You should be so proud of this, Michela! Can’t believe it has been 5 years since you took my high school senior photos. So excited to see how you continue to grow and develop your business!

    • Michela Diddle says:

      Thanks so so much, Jess! It feels just like yesterday we were climbing on those rocks, taking beautiful photos together. Love you!

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