Summer Motherhood

July 7, 2020


These days, I’m longing for simpler times. I’m always so inspired by ages gone by, particularly the ones that allude to a more appreciative era. Maybe it’s how people seemed to walk more places back then, down to the ice cream parlor and back, or even to sneak some candy from the local market. The meaning of a single flower just seemed greater a few years ago than it does now.

I’ve always loved the idea and visual quality of a hard-working mother hanging her linens between two trees while her baby plays on a blanket below. There’s a slowness there that isn’t found today, an authentic appreciation for life and its duties. This was my inspiration when crafting Summer Motherhood.

Set in the flower fields at Irvington Spring Farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this motherhood session was framed by delicate blooms and completed with a summertime picnic. Baby Charlotte donned a beautifully knit bonnet, handcrafted by her gorgeous mama, Reilly. The sun shone brightly that June evening as if to share its joy and delight with us, and we gladly welcomed it. Reilly and Charlotte completed the vision so perfectly. Their connection is unmatched, and I like to think these images highlight it as such.





  1. Courtney Stanley says:

    OH MY WORD 😍 This is one of my favorite shoots you’ve ever done! Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

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